Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Al Ameer Restaurant: A Review

As I mentioned earlier, I had two food goals that I wanted to complete before leaving Dearborn for the summer. Visiting Shatila Bakery  was my first successfully completed goal. Going out for a completely authentic Middle Eastern meal was goal number two. Since I have no experience with Middle Eastern food, I really can't say how authentic this meal was, however, judging by the area in which this restaurant is located and the people I observed eating there, it appears to be quite authentic.

I chose Al Ameer after spending quite a bit of time on the internet, reading restaurant reviews, visiting websites and looking at menus. It was a good choice. It's not a fancy restaurant, but it was clean and the people were friendly. Most importantly, the food was very good. Since I have nothing to judge it against this might not mean much, but I liked it and that's what mattered. This cuisine is very different than anything I normally eat. I think I could really come to like it. It's just fun to try new and unique flavors.

The Restaurant

 A yummy drink called The Energizer:
strawberry, raspberry, banana, milk,
honey, and ice

Our dinner choice, a little bit of everything!

We chose tabbouli as our salad, which comes with
fresh pita of course

 The entree as it was presented to us

 This is what was under the pita,
a lot of food!
The kabobs were my favorite, especially the lamb,
lots of flavor and new spices

 Best hommous I've ever had,
extremely smooth and creamy

Shredded chicken and beef, I don't know if it has a special
name, but it was good. The beef reminded me of a pot roast,
just with very different flavors

 Some fun new things to try:
falafel, fried kebbie (my favorite) and stuffed grape leaves (a little slimy,
cooked frozen spinach anyone?)

 And the inside (yum!)

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  1. Very interesting! I think I would try the bakery you showed us, but this may take some more thinking! I love reading your blog and the pictures cover your experience perfectly!