Monday, May 21, 2012

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Just a quick post today, but it has to do with one of my favorite topics, pizza! I've said it before, but I love pizza and I love making homemade pizza. It is fun to try all different toppings and flavors that you might not be able to get at your local pizza place. Recently I've discovered that one of my favorite ways to top a pizza is with delicious roasted vegetables. This particular pizza has red, orange and yellow peppers along with zucchini and onions. If you are thinking that a pizza with just vegetables sounds boring, think again. Roasting them brings out all their natural sweetness; add a sprinkling of red pepper flakes for some heat and you have a delicious combination of sweet and heat. I can't wait to try different combinations of veggies as the growing season gets under way.

For the pizza dough, I used my go-to pizza crust. Just top with a quick tomato sauce, the vegetables, and a sprinkling of cheese and you will be good to go. I just love roasting vegetables! Just toss together whatever veggies you like with enough olive oil to coat, pepper and plenty of salt. Spread them out on a baking sheet that is covered in foil and sprayed with cooking oil, and pop them into a hot oven, 425 or 450 degrees. Keep on eye on them, flipping them over if needed, and roast until charred and tender. The time will vary depending on the vegetable and the size you cut them into.

This really is the best way to eat vegetables in my opinion. If I make too much to fit on the pizza it never lasts long. I just snack on it the whole time I'm putting the pizza together. It is so good I don't even care that I'm not even hungry anymore!

Ready for the oven

Cheesy and sweet

Dig in!


  1. The pizza looks so delicous with all the veggies! And thanks for directing me to the pizza dough recipe, I'll use it on Saturday!

  2. That's so mouth watering! I'd be glad to recommend this to my vegan friends! They feel left out every time we go out to eat pizzas and burgers, so this might be a good idea for our next get together!

    Joseph Carr

    1. Good idea! Your vegan friends won't feel left out eating this, I can assure you!